We are a family company, with more than 35 years of experience – located in the hearts of countryside of Aversa , well known as the land of “ Mozzarella of Bufala” , where the combination weather / territory is absolutely unparalleled.
Mr Vincenzo di Pietro was the first to deal with Diary processing machines for Bufalo mozzarella in Aversa and now is son is running the company, spreading that tration out of national borders.
The company is actively engaged from over thirty years in projecting and constructing Dairy plants and machines, more precisely, machines for aging, cutting and packaging all kind of cheeses, mostly dedicated to mozzarella and ricotta of Bufala and particularly to dairy plants for the production of any type of “pasta filata”…cheese , like as mozzarella, provolone, scamorza, caciocavallo, bocconcini etc.
We are specialized in manufacturing and upgrading Mini Dairy lines of different production capacities.
All our MINI Dairy are "tailor – made " according to customer specific requirements.
Officine Di Pi Vi Dairy lines are designed for the manufacturing of popular dairy product such as: Pasteurized Milk, Mozzarella Cheese; Salted white cheese, butter etc;
Our lines are fully equipped with all necessities for a full production cycle, including the equipment for receiving and Cooling milk, Pasteurization, Separation, Fermentation and Packaging of ready products.
Apart from these, we provide Pumps, Filters, Auxiliary Facilities, Diary Pipes and Valves etc.
Officine DI PI VI’s product range covers the entire production process of “pasta filata cheeses”: cheese vats for milk coagulation; coking stretching machines; automatic dry salt dosing and salting system; moulding machines; automatic cooling lines etc.
The core business of company is the development of specific plant for each customer, according to his requirement and to his specific country.
In addition to the machinery and the production plants, Officine DI PI VI includes also a service of high level of customer assistance, which continues during construction and after sales phases, with “Know how” transfer.
Our latest project is TRAINING for CHEESEMAKER in cheese factory, showing the processing milk, starting from animal feeding. Actually we have a ready to delivery diary plants refurbished equipments (second hand).
Thank you in advance for considering our company by reading this short introductory text.
We obviously remain at your disposal whenever you may require any further information regarding our items and look forward to hearing from you soon.